Hawaii Island residents are already coping with the ongoing eruption of Kilauea Volcano. But they could be hit with yet another natural disaster: Hurricane Hector.

State, county, and non-profit organizations say they're preparing for the worst. 

"You know I don't want to say it but there's a number of other disasters, those sudden onset ones that could happen anytime that we'd have to deal with," Talmadge Magno, Big Island civil defense director said. 

Some Big Island evacuees are living in tents at temporary shelters and many worry about safety including Cherrie King: an evacuee who just relocated from a shelter on Friday. 

"It's scary cause I've been there when we've had high wind and rain and, the tents can't handle it at all," King said. "The wind just rips really hard through there, and when it rains it sounds like rocks on your tent."

But officials assure there are plans in place to deal with the possible impact of a hurricane.

"We've talked to our Parks and Recreation folks, and they have their plan. Basically move folks into the more secure structures, shelters that we'd have here in a wind event," Magno said. 

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency recommends residents and visitors to check if their home is located in a flood zone or prone to high winds. It urges people to prepare an emergency kit with at least 14 days of food, water and supplies and secure all pets.

"Our procedure is basically, as the event unfolds, we'll put the message out via radio stations, through our blackboard messaging, we'll announce at that time what shelters are going to be used, which ones are going to be pet friendly," Talmadge said. 

Talmadge says Civil Defense is well staffed but can go to county and state staffing for resources if needed. 

With the the recent record flooding on Kauai and ongoing lava threat on Hawaii Island CEO of the Red Cross Hawaii, Coralie Matayoshi emphasizes, more help is needed. 

"We respond to disasters every four days, and in the event of a major disaster like Hector, we're going to need all hands on deck," Matayoshi said. 

Anyone interested in volunteering can visit redcross.org/hawaii.