A legal battle over a name is causing an uproar among Poke shops. Aloha Poke Co. in Chicago is being shunned for what many are calling a "lack of aloha."

According to some Native Hawaiian teachers the word Aloha represents humanity but for the Chicago Based Aloha Poke Company, it also means business.
Aloha Poke has trademarked its name and is issuing cease and desist orders to anyone else using it. One Aloha poke shop is in Alaska.  The owner is Tasha Kahele from Hawaii. 

"We've been struggling as is to get the business of the ground and so its been very stressful for us." said Kahele who decided to change the name to Lei's Poke Stop after her daughter. An expensive and emotionally draining process. Her legal battle has outraged he friend  Dr. Kalamaoka Aina Niheu who posted a video to social media expressing her anger. The video took off. She also started a petition demanding that the Chicago company change its name. The petition gained thousands of signatures in a matter of days.

"They attacked a kanaka maoli family for utilizing their own food, their own words, and their own culture and threatened legal action against them," said Dr. Niheu. 

"They have rescinded their right to represent aloha and they have rescinded their right to represent poke," said Dr. Niheu.

Aloha Poke sent a statement saying:
"Over the past 48 hours, a significant amount of misinformation about Aloha Poke Co. has been shared on social media. We know that this misinformation has caused a considerable amount of anger and offense among those who care very passionately about their Hawaiian culture. First, we want to say to them directly how deeply sorry we are that this issue has been so triggering."

They also said they will continue to protect their name.