When it comes to finding a way to solve the safety issues surrounding lava viewing, there's an outside of the box idea that has people buzzing in lower Puna.

"That would be a hell of a ride," Pahoa resident Ikaika Marzo said.

An amusement park ride.

The talk among some residents in Pahoa town is to place a ferris wheel near the flow at Highway 132.

"I would ride it multiple times," Marzo said.

But would Hawaii County actually entertain the wild idea?

"The scientists, USGS is saying there is no end in sight it could be a year to 20 to 30 years before this event ends so we're not rushing to really look at a site right now but there is an urgency in regards to Harry Kim wants to open it up to the public so they can view this phenomenon," Hawaii County Managing Director Wil Okabe said.

Mayor Harry Kim's office wants to find a safe site where the public can go to see the flow.

The problem lies with the risks and hazards that come with the unknown.

"The most important thing of safety and liability we cannot look outside of that that's one of the most important things hazard and Risk is always on top of mind," Okabe said.

The County knows of the demand for viewing as visitors continue to try to get in, but it is still working on plans.

"There is tons of tourists that come here if they try to get in they're going to try to get in they're going to do whatever they can illegally to see what's happening so we should have that the county should start thinking about that and start coming with solutions," Marzo said.