PUNA, Hawaii - Sunday marks 87 days since the first eruption inside Leilani Estates.The first fissure broke open on Mohala Street on May 3. That fissure was followed by 23 others.

Since then, more than 700 homes have been destroyed. Families have been displaced, businesses have shut down, and according to the USGS, there's the possibility of the Leilani Estates lava flow lasting from a few more months to years.

If this eruption continues through Tuesday, it would set a record for the longest eruption ever recorded in the lower east rift zone. The current record sits at 88 days set back in 1960.

Coming up this week on Island News, we'll be bringing you the stories of how residents are dealing with life after lava, how businesses are trying to stay afloat, how some in the community want to turn the flow into a visitor attraction complete with a ferris wheel, how others are trying to name fissure 8, and why some believe this flow is not the doing of Pele but instead another deity - a male who's awoken from slumber. We'll also show you how volunteers and donations helped fast track construction of new homes for people to live.