HONOLULU (KITV) - A man suspected of human trafficking was under investigation after a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant brought to attention an unusual group of passengers. After the FBI looked into it, they found that everything checked out and there was no trafficking.  

The FBI told Island News, "We do appreciate Hawaiian Airlines employees for speaking out and saying something and bringing it to our attention.  We encourage people to remember that if something seems strange or doesn't feel right most times something is wrong, however, that was not the case in this incident. "

In, February, Flight Attendant Wesley Hirata noticed an older Asian man boarding a recent flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu with three Caucasian girls and sensed something wasn't right. After asking the group a few questions during the flight, Hirata decided to get support from his fellow flight attendants. 

Not only did the flight attendants discover that one of the girls were underage, but all three girls were listed under the same name on passenger documents. Upon landing, Honolulu sheriffs questioned the group of passengers and labeled the situation as a human trafficking case. 

Though the FBI confirmed the man was a family friend or relative, Hirata advises people who run into a situation like this to follow their instincts. 

"Trust your gut and prior experience [and] report the situation without alarming or confronting the passengers in a suspicious manner," Hirata said.