As the community mourns the death of officer Kaliloa, many questions remain.

People want to know how a suspect with a long criminal rap sheet ended up free in the first place. 

Hawaii County prosecutor Mitch Roth says Waiki had an outstanding warrant after getting extradited from Las Vegas for probation violations and bailing out in November.  Then, he failed to show up for his hearing in March.

Police were already looking for him at the time of the shooting.

Roth said, before Waiki posted his $7,000 bail, his office tried to increase the payment, but the court said no.  Roth said it's just another piece of the system that failed to keep a dangerous man like Waiki off the street.

We dont have enough jail space so every time were putting people in were kicking people out.  What Ive seen is the legislature has been trying to fix a lot of these problems by making crimes less serious by reducing bail.  Its problematic when people like him get out and can commit more crimes. Explained Roth.

We dont want people that are criminals to be out of jail at all but we deal with it all the time. Why is he out of jail is really a common question that we have. Said Major Robert Wagner with the Hawaii Police Department.

Both Roth and Major Robert Wagner said it can be frustrating dealing with the same repeat criminals over and over again.

Roth sayid Hawaii Island needs more jails with more space to prevent early release due to overcrowding.  He also added, Hawaii Community Correctional Center is made for 200 people and currently contains twice that number.