Saturday marks the 41st annual Prince Lot Hula Festival, where volunteers worked hard on Friday putting the finishing touches on a stage fronting Iolani Palace.

The festival will feature 20 halau hula from across the state in the largest non competitive hula exhibition in Hawaii.

Kimo Kahoana is the emcee of the event, and explained why it's so important to Hawaii's culture. 

"Ultimately we have to do it because we love it. We are learning, our kumu hula are teaching more and more and more and when you have Iolani Palace. I mean wow! Is this like what a level we have moved to!" said Kahoana. 

The festival began in 1978 in Moanalua Valley.  This is the second year it will have been held at Iolani Palace.

Chanter Kalena Silva will be honored with the Namakahelu Oli award, named after Namakahelu Kapahikaua O'Kamehameha.  She was the last chantress of Moanalua. That's her in the middle, along with Iolani Luahine and Mary Kawena Pukui

"Mrs. Pukui and I think Ethel Damon had done some interviews and recordings with her through Bishop Museum and so these recordings were made available to us young whipper snappers who wanted to learn more about chanting." said Kahoana. "So, we heard her and are so to be honored with this award named after her chanting and herself as a repository of all styles."

There will be two days of hula, along with crafters and food.  
The event runs 9 a.m. to  4 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.
Admission is Free.