Whether you want yours loaded with extravagant toppings or lightly laced with ketchup, or mustard, or both, no judgement here, hot dogs are a summer staple. 

At Hank's Haute Dogs in Kaka'ako, step up your hot dog game with Yelper Reuben L. He recommends ordering their fat boy combo, built from the stuff of dreams, a bacon wrapped, deep fried hot dog, with mayo, lettuce and tomatoes. 

At Hula Dog in Waikiki, find a unique hot dog experience with Yelper Donna L. Get your hula dog served in a big, fresh, toasty bun, filled with your choice of three yummy sauces that infuse into your meal. She raves this is what makes the hula dog unique, delicious, and fun to eat!

Down the street at The Great Hawaiian Hotdog Company, Yelper Haikela M has a late night tradition of dancing then heading down stairs to grab a garlic dog! Order their Trojan Horse, a sirloin steak dog topped with bacon, secret garlic sauce, stuffed with smoked brats and and topped with pulled pork.

At SGT DOG in Wahiawa, Yelper Ana R has discovered the best hot dogs she's had on island. Her fave pick is their kalua dog filled with savory kalua pork and topped with a tangy mind blowing barbecue sauce.

At Uncle Glenn's Hawaiian food in Kaneohe, Yelper Aurora L orders up the pesto dog in all of its glory. Topped with pesto, sauteed onions and mushroom, bacon and swiss cheese, you'll love the huge portions. She's says it's messy, but worth it!

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