Nearly $7 million of medical marijuana has been sold in Hawaii over the past 10 months.

The numbers continue to rise. The amount of registered medical cannabis patients in Hawaii now beyond 21,000 people who've bought nearly 850 pounds of marijuana since September of last year.

"These are our family, these are our neighbors our friends, people that we go to church with, people that we hang around with, go to the beach with on the weekends," Keith Ridley, State Dept. of Health said.

The six dispensaries in operation collected $6.7 million over the past 10 months. The largest customer base patients are between the ages of 56-and-65. 65 percent of patients have pain listed as their qualifying condition.
"It's really important to note that for many individuals who are dealing with pain and are considering various options for treatment including opioid and there's been a lot of discussion about opioid recently that pain is already a qualifying condition in Hawaii and has been for a long time," Peter Whiticar, State Dept. of Health said. 

The DOH announced visitors will soon be allowed to purchase and possess the medicine starting sometime next year.

"What we're planning is that people that are going to be visiting Hawaii will be able to apply for their card before they come to Hawaii," Whiticar said. 

The health department said that qualified out of state patients will be able to apply for a 60 day pass. It'll cost $45.

Further details are still being worked out as the Department of Health is in the process of creating an online application. It says there could be as much as 30,000 potential customers initially.

The state also aiming to become the first to go electronic with registration cards.