PUNALU`U, Hawaii - Just off of Kamehameha Highway, and just in front of the Pat's at Punalu'u apartment complex is a large puddle of wastewater that some say has been here for the past several months.

"The solution has just been to cone it off and keep people out of it, that's their solution. I don't know why nothing's been done," said hau'ula resident brian akina.

Residents want more done, and the State Department of Health says it's working on it. Two weeks ago it fined Pat's at Punalu'u.

The Health Department says an injection well on the property continues to fail causing treated wastewater to leak out of it's on site treatment plant.

"Sometimes they have the janitor come and shoot the water off into the side, poor guy he's at risk too, I don't know why it's been going on this long," said Akina.
The ponding is about 50 yards from the ocean and some fear wastewater could be contaminating the beach nearby.

"It's guarrentee going to the beach, that's automatic," said Akina.

The Department of Health says it will be meeting with Pat's at Punalu'u staff late next week to discuss temporary solutions in order to prevent further spills. 

It says the apartment complex has a plan to construct a new injection well as a replacement but completion of a project of that magnitude could take a substantial amount of time.