An eviction case against former employees of Hawaiian Heiress Abigail Kawananakoa was dismissed Thursday. 

The family of the Kawananakoa's  former maid and chauffeur claim a Pearl City home was gifted to them by the heiress in 2016.

The maid and chauffeur's daughters also worked for her and lived at the house as well. 

They were all terminated from their jobs and told to move out earlier this year.

They believe it was because they provided statements claiming Kawananakoa's wife, Gail Worth, abused the 92 year old.

After the judge's decision today, the family can stay in the house for now.

"It's been quite a relief. We've been, you know, stressed up until now. So it's a little more relief. We can breathe a little bit more now that we don't have to go through what we went through," Ashley Thairathom, daughter said. 

"It's not just a simple case of an eviction because my mom and dad have a say in this case," Samantha Michel, daughter said. 

But the battle isn't over. The case moves to circuit court on July 23, where a jury may be tasked with deciding whose name is on the lease of the property.