Drivers and passengers beware, more people die in car crashes on Fourth of July than any other day during the year, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. There are more drivers on the road on 4th of July, according to the institute which warns if more of those drivers are impaired or distracted by texting, that's a deadly combination. It says an average of 118 people are killed in crashes on this day, making it the most consistently deadly day of the year. 

Marc Dixon from Allstate Insurance, says ironically cars are safer, but more people are dying on the roads. 

"Everybody's got reverse cameras, cars are built with crush zones to absorb impact, we've got airbags everywhere," said Dixon.

He says the increase in deaths are due to distracted driving. 

"Texting while driving is definitely the biggest factor," said Dixon. "If you think about it if you're going 55 mph and it takes 5 seconds to compose write and send a text. That's the equivalent to closing your eyes and driving the length of a football field. "

Dixon recommends keeping a few safety tips in mind.

"Take your phone put it away. Put it in that glove compartment. Put it in that center console," said Dixon. "Put it someplace where you cant see it where your not tempted to pick it up. And if you're going somewhere where you know you'll be celebrating, take a cab, take an Uber, take a Lyft."