HONOLULU - Concerned Chinatown residents and business owners are taking action into their own hands. Business owner Oren Schlieman and his wife Fran created a "high crime zone" map of the areas near Maunakea and Pauahi Streets.

The map highlights key factors that contribute to crime, including homelessness, illegal drug and alcohol use, and a lack of police presence. The map also lists the most recent stabbings and murders in the area.

Some Chinatown residents say the map is a step in the right direction. Chu Lan Shubert-Kwock, president of the Chinatown Business & Community Association, says, "Anything that address real issues, aside from personal interest, is good. The more people talk about it, we can bring in everybody's ideas, and together we need everybody's help to solve this community problem. It's not one person's problem, it's all of our problem."

Chinatown residents and merchants also say a task force needs to be created to address the issues in the urban community.

Schlieman says, "I handed it to the police chief at Mayor Caldwell's media event in Chinatown last week and also delivered it to the Chinatown police substation and the police community relations officer for our area." He says he's hoping the city will allocate a police presence after seeing the map.