Hundreds showed up at Hawaii's state capitol to get the message out, that families belong together. All part of a nationwide protest against President Trump's immigration policy.

Protesters vehemently opposed children being separated from their families at the border.

"They will have severe mental and emotional problems for the rest of their lives," said protester Tim Earhart.

"I couldn't imagine being forced away from my mother at that age," said protester Alejandro Alvarado. "It's kind of unfathomable to me. "

The rally started with a march from the capital to the federal building . While many carried signs, others wore silver Mylar blankets and carried pieces of foil to represent the children detained in shelters. Several political candidates were also there protesting and answering questions about how they would contribute to better immigration policies. 

"The very first thing i would do is hunt down those 2000 missing children and reunite them with their parents," said Sherry Campagna who is running for Hawaii's Second Congressional District.

"We need to break this cycle and abolish the the American Gestapo," said Kaniela Ing who is running for Hawaii's First Congressional District.

The US Dept of Homeland Security website says  ICE will work with the adults to provide regular communication with their children through video teleconferencing, phone, and tablets. The website also says that as of June 20, there are still 2,053 separated children being held.