HONOLULU - Blue Planet Surf is a locally owned surfing supply store celebrating it's 25th anniversary this weekend with a surf auction and charity fundraiser.

Robert Stehlik, CEO of Blue Planet Surf says there will be at least 25 boards in the auction, "including several race sup boards, surfing sup's, all-around boards, as well as regular surf and longboards and even a foil surfing board." The event is a fundraiser, and part of the proceeds will be donated to AccesSurf. Executive director for AccesSurf, Cara Short says "some people come to AccesSurf who share how getting back into the ocean after an injury or for their first time changed their lives. The sea has therapeutic benefits for our mind and spirit as well as the health benefits of physical exercise. The truth is there are so many stories, but one in particular that stands out is an auntie who shared with us that her autistic nephew did not speak until he started coming to the beach and being the in the ocean with Accessurf. Stehlik: "Our mission at Blue Planet is to help people have more fun on the water.  AccessSurf makes the ocean more accessible to people with disabilities, so I think it's a perfect fit. I believe that getting into the water is good for body, mind, and soul. It's a gift that should be shared."