Ocean advocate Emily Penn supervised two-dozen women, all of which are a part of "eXXpedition North Pacific" as they journey over 3,000 miles aboard the 'Sea Dragon.'
They headed into into what is known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean.
"We'll be taking surface water samples, subsurface sediment, and also air samples,  and we're looking for small fragments of plastic, what we call micro-plastics, and we're finding thousands of them in our waters," Emily Penn, eXXpedition Co-Founder and Mission Director, said.
The women will focus on studying the impacts of plastic pollution on marine life to toxics carried on plastics and our bodies.
Penn says the goal is to come up with solutions to minimize ocean pollution.
"We're trying to really understand what impact this plastic is having on our ocean, our environment, and also us. When it gets into the food chain," Penn said.
"50% of the plastic found in the ocean is estimated to be from single use.  that obviously is something that can be easily eliminated from our everyday lives," Crew Member Sally Earthrowl said.
 Data collected will support scientists in the UK, Canada, Switzerland and the U.S. as well as Hawaii Pacific University.

 The women who left Monday will swap with another crew three weeks into the trip.
"We're heading into the middle of the great pacific garbage patch and then we will sail on to Vancouver. At that point the team will change, we will then sail with a new crew along the British Columbian coastline, into Seattle," Penn said.