Two prominent Hawaii voices from opposing sides of the immigration issue weigh in on how it affects people here in Hawaii.

While both rep Bob McDermott and Hawaii ACLU director Joshua Wisch agrees separating children from their parents is a bad idea, they don't necessarily agree on who's to blame.

"The cause of it is illegal immigration." said Rep. McDermontt. "My wife's an immigrant she came here legally. So the problem is parents taking their children but they get arrested and separated"

Rep McDermott adds that Hawaii is a melting pot full of immigrants, and that those who are opposed to illegal immigration get falsely labeled as racist.

"It doesn't affect us locally other than the political rhetoric dividing our community more than it is," he added.

Wisch says that the Hawaii ACLU has not had any reports of people being directly affected here in Hawaii. but he says that could always change.

"If they do get affected by this or if there's someone they know of that is separated from their family they can call the ACLU Hawaii," said Wisch,

Wisch also wants to encourage people here to participate in rallies on June 30, to protest against Trump's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. And as far Trump's latest executive order both men say it might not be enough.

"Its just a bandaid but its not the solution," said McDermott. "The solution is they have to fix the immigration law."

"The executive order is vague. It does nothing to reunite the people who are already here," said Wisch. 

Gov David Ige has also spoken out against family separations. The ACLU says it is hoping he will also publicly announce that Hawaii will not send national guard troops to the US Mexico border.