Hawaiian culture and its native language are going digital! 

He Ao Hou -- 'A New World' -- is a video game that mixes modern creative technology with historic mo'olelo or storytelling, and it's done with purpose. 
"When we're building things like the game we're building our community again," said designer Noelani Arista. 

Game designing through a workshop meant to find ways to keep future generations engaged in Hawaiian culture.

"I Think this workshop is kind of building upon that and creating like a springboard for it to go into different spaces where it needs to be," explained Ryan "Gonzo" Gonzalez, Kealaiwikuamo'o Network Engagement Director for Kamehameha Schools. 

Gamers become a young Hawaiian navigating through the stars on a galactic canoe -- reaching worlds entwined with revamped versions of a traditional Hawaiian story. 
Like the legend of Kamapua'a.
Designers doing it all from scratch -- creating characters, coding systems and voicing the game.
From start to finish, it's a three-week long workshop all for the sake of re-normalizing 'olelo Hawaii.

"We need to find all the different ways that kids are interested in for ?Olelo Hawaii -- what they wanna do and bring all of the Hawaii there to them," said Kauwila Mahi, game designer, "I nahi ?ola o ka ?Olelo Hawaii, hahai no i na keiki -- if Hawaiian language lives, you have to follow where the kids go."