HONOLULU - The Backdoor Shootout surf competition might be back on.

Da Hui O He'e Nalu says it is moving forward with planning next year's Backdoor Shootout. 

Michele Nekota, Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation Director said in a statement: 

On June 6, 2018, Department of Parks and Recreation awarded Hui O He'e Nalu a total of four competition days for the waiting period of January 4-16, 2019 at 'Ehukai Beach Park after another applicant withdrew their application. 

With respect to the Hui's Contested Case Hearing, the City believes that the hearing is now moot and has filed a motion to vacate.  Said motion is currently pending. 

Da Hui initially appealed that decision. But even with the permit, a board member tells Island News the group wants to continue the legal challenge to highlight what it considers a flawed permitting process.

"We just want to make it known that we were truthful in our permit. Our contest is one of the premier Hawaiian surfing events on the North Shore and we were rightfully deserving of that permit from the get go so we just want to move forward with that process to prove that point," Mahina Chillingworth, Da Hui o He'e Nalu said. 

The city is filing to end the legal case.