HONOLULU - It's the line before the line.

Dedicated fans have been camping out since as early as Tuesday evening, hoping to strike 24-karat gold this weekend.

The official box office line doesn't open until Friday but dedicated fans are anxious to get in line first. 

Noah and his friend waited for about one night and still has to more to go but says they excited. 

"We kind of huddle in the morning and kind of go over the procedure of what we're going to do and I think I have two strong people with me and I don't think they going to want to cut in front of me so they can try their luck," Leona, another fan said with a laugh. 

Standard priced-tickets for Bruno's November 10 concert sold out within minutes online last weekend, leaving many fans frustrated and empty-handed. 

Some blamed bots for scooping them first. So some fans are bypassing the bots and buying tickets for the November 11 show in person.

"I could've stood in line last weekend, But I took a chance and tried it online and it was highly impossible to get tickets, so I said I'm going to sacrifice my nights and then my husband stays during the day. I think it's worth it," Leona said. 

The Aloha Stadium Box Office will open for concert ticket sales on Saturday June 16 at 10 a.m. A maximum of four tickets per person can be purchased.