PAHOA, Hawaii - Volunteers are putting the finishing touches on the outside of individual units at the Sacred Heart shelter on Sunday.

It helps to have an army of people donate their time and talents, including National Guard troops which are just some of the many who have worked to quickly put these units together for eruption evacuees.

"It's been awesome to be a part of it coming over from neighbor Island Maui and to come over in his time of need and how quickly it went up is pretty awesome," said Joshua Cordy of the Hawaii National Guard.

They have only been building for 5 days, but in that time, not only have the walls and roofs gone up, they've been wired, insulated and painted.

"I feel good to help out the people in need, I just come out," said Ben Cachola, a retired union painter.

Twenty units will go to those who have lost their homes because of lava. Others, like Seth Bullard, are in shelters because of the eruption has made living conditions unbearable.

"All the ash kept going in the water and we couldn't drink it anymore so it moved us out," said Bullard, who was a Lower Puna resident. "It's affected a lot of people even those homes who weren't threatened by Lava, it's just not livable situations"

Bullard is volunteering his time to help get these homes ready for families to move in next week. But Not because he is hoping to call one of these 10' by 12' units home.

"I'm not looking to move in, I want these for the people that really need it," said Bullard.

This holiday slowed things down, because county inspectors were off today and couldn't sign off that the inside of the units were okay before drywall goes up.

While crews have been busy building, others have been busy grading donated material to make room for another 30 units that they hope to build if they can gather more material and volunteers.