The eruption inside Leilani Estates began thirty-two days ago.

Fissure eight is now fountaining lava for a seventh consecutive day.

About twenty-five miles away at Kilauea's summit the USGS saying just a fraction of the magma that had drained out of the lava lake in the Halemaumau Crater has surfaced.

This means the event could go on but how long it will last cannot be predicted.

"In geology we use the past as a key to the future and that's why we look at these past eruptions to give us some idea of what might be expected. It probably wont be the same script, each eruption is different but at least it gives us an idea, some framework to work with," USGS geologist Janet Babb said.

Some are questioning whether the Leilani Estates eruption is separate from Puu Oo which started back in 1983.

The Leilani Estates eruption began several days after the Pu'u O'o crater collapsed.

 In the past geologists have seen Puu Oo stop erupting for up to six years as other vents nearby became active.

 When those vents fizzled out Puu Oo would eventually erupt again.

"The bottom line is it's an eruption, we are responding to it as we did any eruption, time will tell how we look back on this eruption, how it fits in to the scheme of Kilauea's history," Babb said.