KAPOLEI, Hawaii - A Kapolei woman who just turned 87 says the real secret to a long and happy life is that life starts at 85! Retired schoolteacher Helen Yano enjoyed a 63 year marriage that produced two kids, five grandkids, and seven greatgrandchildren. And now, she's enjoying the next chapter of her life. 

The ladies are having a painting party. It's just one of the many activities 87-year-old Helen Yano does at the senior living community she's called home for the last two years. She sure stays busy.

The former St. Anthony School teacher of 23 years sees her family weekly, and fills the rest of the time with her new friends- like Joan White, who says, "There's no one like her."

Yano is so outgoing, she's been named Ilima at Leihano's "welcome ambassador." "Whenever there's a new tenant, I meet them and talk with them, tell them about some of the problems I had to go through," she details, referring to tips like which door locks are tricky or how to get your walker through the doors.

White remembers her first meeting with Yano. "She just introduced herself, then told me all the little ins and outs of the place and made me much more comfortable."

It's exactly what Yano likes to hear. "My goal to make everyone happy around me," she smiles. 

Yano shares her five secrets to happiness: Eating right, exercise, seeing friends, constant education ("Learn something new every day. I read the morning paper from beginning to end," Yano says), and sharing love. Her way of doing that: "Appreciating each person for what they are."

White agrees, "She's wonderful at what she does. Absolutely incredible."

Yano says she's in a good place. "I feel mentally, physically, spiritually, happy," she reveals. 

And if you find yourself near her, she'll make sure you do, too. Here's to you, Helen Yano, for Aging Well.