HONOLULU - Ti's the season for Spring cleaning and Summer fun colors.  Valerie Joseph and Lindzey have come up with a few bright ideas on adding color to your wardrobe.  

HACK #1:  How to fold a shirt in under 2 seconds 
Make an imaginary line down the center of the shirt
Make a 2nd imaginary line across the middle of shirt
Make a 3rd imaginary line down the edge of the collar 

The cross point of line 2 and 3 becomes point A
The top of line 3 becomes point B
The bottom of line 3 becomes point C

Grab point A with left hand
Grab point B with right hand
Then take right B point and grab point C

Flip over and tada!
It may take some practice, but once you've mastered it, it'll make folding your laundry much more fun and quick.

HACK #2:  Pretty mani
If you've been wanting to stray away from your usual safe pretty pink manicure color, this is the season to do it.  Think of nail polish as your most versatile (and affordable) accessory.  Experiment with the pretty candy rainbow of choices available.

HACK #3:  Build a color pop capsule
Here are some tips to add color into your ensemble.
•      Colored bag.  Add a pop of color as exciting arm candy that'll make everyone drool.  
•      Colored and printed scarfs.  Scarfs are great to use a head wrap, belt, you can also tie it around your neck or bag strap.
•      YAY for statement jewelry!  It looks fantastic on a black backdrop so go ahead and start building your collection.
•      Colored shoes – buy all the bold shoes in all the bold colors!  If you're too afraid of wearing these colors on your body, wear them on your feet.
Lastly, does your closet consist of mostly all black?  Take some baby steps to add a few other neutral colors that work with black like blush, camel and grey.  

Also, add the color red to your capsule for those nights out.  Find the right shade for you and find a dress (or skirt) and a lovely blouse to add.

Step out of your comfort zone.  There's something about color that make you feel alive, wild and confident.  Don't be afraid to experiment a little.

Part two: A look at some outfits with color pop.

Lindsey and Valerie have given a quick lesson on how to insert different colored neutrals into a mostly black wardrobe.  Let's take a look at some color pop in action  

(Model – Keiki)
MODEL #1: (the look: black skirt, jacket, colorful innerwear)
If a black suit is your go-to prescription for work, then make sure to enhance your look by wearing colorful innerwear.  It can be as simple as a bright tank, or a printed camisole.  In fact, shuffling between colorful innerwear can help you create multiple looks – even if you just have one or two black suits in your closet.  Whatever you choose, colorful innerwear will instantly liven up a drab black outfit.

(Model– Becca)
(the look: Blue dress, blue earrings, blue clutch, blue shoe )
The LBD is most commonly known as The Little Black Dress. This springs hottest LBD is the Little Blue Dress.  This is an easy way to start incorporating color into your wardrobe by adding a royal or sapphire blue hue.  Pair it with the same color shoe foe a monochromatic look.

(Model– Sarah)
MODEL #3: Multiple pops of color
(the look: neutral shift dress, colored belt, shoe, bag)
Once you've mastered the art of adding pops of color into your wardrobe.  Pick your favorite and add multiple accents.  Brighten up a neutral hue with head to toe highlights.

(Model– Jenn)
MODEL #4: Bold pants to wake up 
(the look: solid color slack, white shirt)
Keep in mind that color isn't only for off-duty activity.  Punch up your crisp whites with well-tailored separates like a colored slack.  Introduce a hint of sparkle in a clutch or statement jewelry to take this from day to after dark ensemble.

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