NUUANU, Hawaii - A 67 year old Nuuanu man is a corporate computer technician by day, and a martial arts professor by night. He's spent more time doing this one hobby, than he has with anything or anyone else in his life. He says it's a big reason why he's Aging Well.

In the Hawaii Zenyo Jujitsu Kai jujitsu school, 67-year-old Steve McLaughlin heads up a group of students- most, in their 20s and 30s. Professor, or Prof as he's called, has been doing this for over four decades.

But don't let his age fool you. Student Keith Wong says, "Prof can throw men half his age and twice his size."

Mc Laughlin says he has been doing this for 42 years and he has no plans to stop. What's the key to his Aging Well?

Exercise is one answer. "Staying physically active is the first key," he says.

Constant learning is another. "I'm voraciously curious. I like to see how things work. Martial arts was a good way to kick that off in me. You wind up having to learn anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, metallurgy," McLaughlin describes.

He strives to teach his students those values, too. Wong says, "Prof will affect you entire being, the way you see life."

He's even working towards a new career as an acupuncturist.

Wong says he's awed by Prof's energy and outlook. "Prof is the type of guy who just plows forward and there's not a lot that can stop him."

And that is McLaughlin's version of living well.