WAIPAHU, Hawaii - During National Prevention Week some people dance.  Students from Waipahu Intermediate and High School use dance to deliver a message to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

"I believe dance is a great outlet for them to really express their inner emotions and their inner struggles that they go through. We wanted to combine something that promotes a positive message so the whole idea is to use it to really catch the people's attention," Ian Navasca of Treasurebox Dance studio said.

Without an outlet, Navasca says many kids can get tempted by drugs and alcohol.   Waipahu High School student Nadine Castillo says drug and alcohol use among teens is rampant. She sees it on social media and also in school.

"Underage drinking, underage drug use is a problem and we as the youth see it as something that can be changed with our voices," Nadine Castillo, a Waipahu High School student, said.

Castillo says its important to help prevent problems in her community associated with substance abuse, like impaired driving and addiction.

"I've seen it in the classroom. People actually bring in hydroflasks filled with alcohol," says Castillo.

According to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, summer is a key period for youth substance abuse, so the timing of 'Prevention Week' hits kids before the school year ends.