HONOLULU - A hiker was stranded overnight on the Haiku staircase, more popularly known as the Stairway to Heaven. The Honolulu Fire Department responded to hikers in distress around 6 last night across the Haiku Stairs Trail in Haiku Valley. They say the two men started their hike around 8 Monday morning from the Moanalua area and got lost.  One of the men fell about 50 feet, injuring himself. Crews rescued that hiker around 7 pm.

Hazardous conditions forced them to leave the second hiker. They told him to take shelter till daylight. Rescue operations resumed on Tuesday morning, at 5:58 a.m.  An HFD Rescue specialist was brought into the area then lifted the hiker to the landing zone at the Kaneohe District Park and he was safely secured at 6:39 a.m.  No Injuries were reported for the second hiker.  Both hikers were adult visitors.