Tuesday, Waikiki Surf stands Star Beachboys and Hawaiian Oceans will be taken over by Dive Oahu. Its a move that could jeopardize the tradition that is the Waikiki Beach Boys.

Like Alika Willis, who is a third generation beach boy. He says their laid-back, easy going lifestyle comes through in their style of instruction.

"It's not a job," said fellow Waikiki Beach Boy, Kevin Okimoto. "It's a lifestyle."

They both say that lifestyle could be gone once the new management takes over. 

Every five years, the stand owners have to bid for a contract with the city of Honolulu. This time, Dive Oahu was awarded both concessions.

Dive Oahu's owner, Brian Benton, said after he officially takes over the sports on Tuesday, anyone is welcome to apply for a job. He expects new employees to abide by the same standards set for current ones, which includes a professional attitude, set work schedules, drug tests and uniforms.

A dress code is not something current Beach Boys like.

"He wants to dress us up like a Disney Land-type worker with a collared shirt and brown khaki shorts and name tags and that's just not us," said Willis.

"If they come on the beach, the tradition of the Beach Boys is over," said Aaron Rutledge, owner of Star Beachboys.

He says the city's never offered a dive company to make a bid before, and is upset that they allowed Dive Oahu to proceed.

Other beach boys, like 50-year veteran Aki, says a management change could scare away customers. 

"I have a lot of customers come back to me," he said. "We have the experience. We have the qualifications. We have the safety. We have everything."

Waikiki Beach Boys plan to fight the city's decision. They also filed a restraining order with a local judge to prevent Dive Oahu from taking over. As of Saturday evening, they are still waiting for the judge's response.

The president of Hawaiian Oceans Waikiki released this statement:

"Hawaiian Ocean’s has been a concessionaire on Kuhio Beach for over 13 years. In 2017, the City erred on a decision to award Dive Oahu one concession stand on Kuhio Beach. After Hawaiian Ocean’s disputed the award in court, the process was nullified. Immediately after this decision, the City hastily re-categorized the process and re-worded parts of it. Dive Oahu was awarded a contract for both concession stands. There were no public hearings to correct the process’ initial errors. Hawaiian Ocean’s is concerned by the City’s lack of transparency and due process. No company has ever held two long-term contracts for the Kuhio Beach concession stands simultaneously. 

"Dive Oahu has agreed to pay 52.5% of its monthly gross revenues relating to beach activities on Kuhio Beach. The City determined Dive Oahu was qualified to bid due to its “Ocean Recreation Sales Revenue.” These sales do not reflect experience required to responsibly offer surf lessons, outrigger canoe-rides, and operate a beach concession stand in Waikiki. Previous contracts qualified bidders based upon experience with surf lessons, canoe rides, and other activities specific to Waikiki and its traditions.

"In a meeting with prospective employees, Dive Oahu stated their plans to sell tour packages, such as luaus, dives, and all other activities listed on its website. They plan to do so with employees walking around the beach in khakis, polo shirts, and tennis shoes using iPads and offering a 3% commission on these sales. Prices on their website are all listed in excess of $159 to $99, except for a “Fireworks Cruise” listed at $75. These sales are permitted due to a change in language in the contract that permits vaguely categorized “Ocean Recreation Activities.” Previous contracts specified that revenues must be generated through surf lessons, photos, canoe rides, and surf board, boogie board, umbrella, and chair rentals. In the past, Hawaiian Ocean’s Waikiki and Star Beachboys has been prohibited from selling anything – attempts to sell sunscreen and rash guards were immediately halted.

"Hawaiian Ocean’s believes in a fair and legal bid process."