The Office of Hawaiian Affairs released Haumea: a 150 page report on the health and well-being of Native Hawaiian women. 

The goal of the report was to come up with solutions to health challenges and inequities that native women face.

"Things like equity, salary equity, respect for women, respect for our kupuna, respect for our mothers," Diane Paloma, CEO of Lunalilo Homes said. 

"You know, the women, we're the piko of the family. When we start making slight changes, it just blossoms through the family and the healing grows from there," Leinala Bright, cultural health specialist, Waimanalo Health Center said.  

The publication also looked at issues impacting mental and emotional well-being, chronic diseases, maternal and child health and gender wage gaps.

Haumea coincides with this month's Asian-Pacific Amerian Heritage Month, celebrating Asian-American, Polynesian, and Micronesian cultures. 

OHA plans to release a similar report on the health of Native Hawaiian 'OHANA  next year.