Touching lives and bringing cheer through the simplest of ways, the rubbah slippah.

Lyn Vasquez knows the sights and sounds of public housing well.

She grew up in Mayor Wright housing, she's known as Aunty Lyn now, and carries two vivid memories with her: seeing kids with nothing to open on Christmas and seeing kids who don't even have slippers.

Vasquez has been on a 13 year mission to right both of those wrongs.

Island News was there last December when she and State Senator Glenn Wakai spread some Island Style cheer.

"It was so awesome during the holidays to be able to put rubber slippers on the feet of children who didn't have any rubber slippers or who had tattered ones. In this town, rubber slippers are far more important than Nikes or Reeboks," Wakai said. 

"She gives from her heart and helps other people without ever receiving anything in return," Christy Avilla, Aunty Lyn's daughter said. 

Nothing in return, but Vasquez's daughter is quick to point out, her efforts are far from thankless.

"Just the smiles on the people's face of what she does with the Slippah Foundation. Just for slippers, a bottle of shampoo. It's kind of wonderful," Avilla said. 

Vasquez agrees.

"That sparkle in their eyes, especially on Christmas. Sometimes it's the only gift that they have and that's the main thing, the gift of giving with nothing in return. That's what we do," Vasquez said. 

This, however, would become the day Vasquez gets something in return. She's about to be named Hawaii MVP. 

Vasquez's husband and grandson were in on the surprise... We also had one more surprise: her son, sending some Aloha from Oregon.

"Congrats mom, you're KITV's MVP and thank you so much for all the work you've done for the community," Conrad Vasquez said. 

For the woman who gives so much, a gift of her own: HELE also gave her a $100 gas card.