HONOLULU (KITV) - What came first, the home or the building permit?

On Date St. it was the home! $40,000 in fines later, the home is still there and social media things more should be done.

  • HV Tracie: We should also have a bill where you need to be a resident of Hawaii for at least 10 years before you can just buy any property. just saying
  • Herb Hapaki Hernandez: Tear it down, that will teach him a lesson and send a message to any other property owners thinking of trying the same thing.
  • ChefMark Dulog: The contractor should get his license taken away.

Should people with million dollar investment homes pay a new tax to go toward Hawaii's public schools? Many of our comments on social media say no.

  • Jason Green: And you wonder why there is a homeless problem ? Its called tax death, we are taxes to death.
  • Teri Giordano Vollero: How are you going to make sure that Monet goes directly to education, and not the general fund aka: rail.
  • Jonathan Sprinkle: How about legalize marijuana!