KAIMUKI, HI - Hundreds of volunteers from Oahu schools put on their work gloves for an Earth Day Aloha Aina Project. Students from Kaimuki High, Jarrett Middle, Aliiolani Elementary, and Palolo Elementary removed trash and invasive species from various Honolulu streams, planted flora, even learned about the living organisms in the streams.

This project is coordinated by Halau Ku Mana, Iolani School, Kaimuki High School, SEEQS (The School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability), Voyager Public Charter School, and the City & County of Honolulu. Dozens of projects are planned on Saturday and Sunday for the Aloha Aina project from Makiki to Kaimuki. 

At Kaimuki High, students cleaned the neighboring Palolo and Manoa Streams by removing trash and invasive species, planting native flora, and monitoring stream biodiversity. Palolo Elementary students painted a large-scale Mele Mural that will enhance and beautify the campus.

Aliiolani Elementary & Jarrett Middle students painted Storm Water Drain & Gutter Markings to help deter the dumping of substances other than water into storm drains that lead directly to the ocean.

It's a powerful opportunity for teachers and students to connect with the natural world at all grade levels. Organizers say the weekend-long joint project builds greater understanding of the ecosystem and challenge students to address real-world environmental problems.