It was church service as usual for the parish of Calvary by Sea Lutheran Church in Aina Haina.  Yet just outside the sanctuary doors, a trail of mud and standing water.
Friday night's ravaging flood waters devastated the entire property.  One of the hardest hit areas on the property was the Montesorri pre-school.
 More than a foot of water tore through the building, almost everything needs to be replaced.    
"We are desperate to find a place for our 60 kids and our teachers to do what they do," said Tim Mason,Senior Pastor of Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church.

All services once offered at Hale Aloha, also put on hold.

"We anticipate it will take weeks if not months before campus activity is back to normal," said President of Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church, Tim Sprowls.

Another hard-hit area was the churches food pantry. The Angel Network Charities serves more than 3,000 people a month out of that location.  Friday's flood destroyed most of the food supplies.

"There's going to be people coming Thursday Friday and we have to be ready.  They depend on us now, so we are up against the wall to make sure we have food.  So if people want to donate, we need canned food especially.  Anything with protein," said Mason.

But despite the floods and devastation, Pastor Tim said it does not define who they are.  He said hope and fellowship will get them through this journey.

"The journey of cleaning this place is going to bring us together as a community.  Its bringing people together.  This place will be better than it was I guarantee you that."