MAUI - A Maui police officer is suing the Maui Police Department for "Discrimination and Retaliation" in the workplace. 

After serving in the Gulf War with the Army, Kelly Pau'ole was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

He claims his condition was aggravated after a shooting in 2006.

Pau'ole also says that he denied light-duty work and was demoted because of his condition. 

Pau'ole is a twelve year veteran of the Maui Police Department.

He says several officers retaliated against him and he was the target of a false criminal investigation.

His lawsuit claims the Department does not have licensed personnel to address mental health issues. 

Maui Police Department told Island News that Pau'ole no longer met the minimum qualifications for an officer, so they found him a new position within the department at the same salary. 

MPD released this statement: "The Maui Police Department continuously hires and supports all veterans. Many employees currently working within the Department are military veterans or active members."