Studies show the city of Honolulu is pretty clean.

International consulting firm, Mercer, Honolulu ranks number one in worldwide sanitation.  The study based it's findings off of an analysis of cities' wast removal and sewage infrastructure, air pollution, water quality and availability, and levels of infectious diseases.

Honolulu also ranks number 3in quality of living among all cities in the U.S., and 36th worldwide.  Click here to view the report.

“Those of us that live in Honolulu know what a beautiful place it is, and it’s always encouraging to know that the rest of the world is paying attention,” said Mayor Kirk Caldwell. “This kind of recognition is a credit to the hard working city employees who take care of our sewers and water treatment facilities, and even residents that go out of their way to pick up trash off our city streets.”

The Board of Water Supply's Chief Engineer and Manager, Ernest Lau, says that the group works hard to ensure our drinking water is safe, and takes pride in delivering dependable and affordable water to everyone on the island.

“Clean water and clean air make our island an amazing place to live, and we can only keep it that way with continued investment in infrastructure and each citizen taking care of our ?aina,” said Josh Stanbro, executive director of the Office of Climate change, Sustainability and Resiliency.

Living conditions in over 450 cities worldwide were evaluated by Mercer.