One thousand dollars for running a stop sign?  It could happen, if that stop sign is attached to a school bus.

It's a proposal getting a lot of buzz online.  When a school bus like this is stopped.  The sign is out and the lights are flashing, drivers in both directions need to stop.

If you don't it will cost you. State lawmakers are considering a bill that will double the fine from $500 dollars to $1000. It only needs one more vote in the senate to pass.

What do the viewers driving on those streets have to say?

  • Arnold Kanai: $1,000??? Want to make an impact? Add jail time and a permanent record then enforce it.
  • Flynn Tess Hildebrand: About time. I've been saying this since I first stated as a school bus driver from back in the early '80's. $1,000!
  • Golden Daoang And $500 fine for honking at the cars that do stop for the buses

Plenty of people were talking about Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell's State of the City Address.  We carried it live on our Facebook page, and people are still sounding off on his continued commitment to rail, and push for affordable housing.

  • Marc Jaslow · Rail what a waste of my money!!!!!!!!!!
  • Eleanor Crisostomo · Rail, affordable housing & LIES!!!!
  • Ricky Keona Kauanui · Free housing for Hawaiians is affordable

Also trending today- #NationalHugANewsPersonDay, and Dan Rather said it quite well on Twitter:

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