Kids- "Just say no" to condom snorting.  Yes, that's an actual sentence, and it's an actual fad on social media.

Do NOT try this at home.

Recently a class in Texas taught parents about the Condom Snorting Challenge.  Where kids snort condoms up their nose and pull them out of their mouth.

Since then, it's name is making waves- at least in the media.  The name is all over headlines, but the only videos we could dig up were from 2013. 

In a post we shared on our Facebook, here's how you responded:

  • Jonathan Sprinkle: Awesome first tide pods then take away our guns, now they're snorting condoms! Future leaders of America
  • Nadine Valentin:  ‍We are doomed
  • Alicia Ballesteros: This generation needs more Belts n Bibles

Parents in Makakilo are looking to protect their keiki in a different way.  KITV covered a story yesterday about parents asking for the mayor to "give our children back their crosswalks."

Our post showing pictures of signs put up got some reaction:

  • ctap808: I recently drove on that road a couple weeks ago. Couldn't believe how fast people were driving.
  • Rosita Sipirok-Siregar: I just wonder what smart people at the City had the idea to take these crosswalks!
  • tburt50: They need to add lights if they put the crosswalks back. 
  • Mike Elliott: The community should just paint them in.
  • Nanette K. Nishimura: One solution, speed bumps.

The city cites a traffic study as the reason for removing the crosswalks. We'll keep you updated.