"We plead not guilty because we are not guilty," said former Honolulu Police Chief, Louis Kealoha, moments after he entered a not guilty plea in federal court Thursday.

His wife, deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha, as well as three active Honolulu police officers, Derek Hahn, Minh-Hung "Bobby" Nguyen, Daniel Sellers, and one former major, Gordon Shiraishi, were also in court as well, all also entering a not guilty plea.

"We definitely look forward toward our day in court," Louis Kealoha said. "And we continue to thank the community and our friends and family for their continued support and love."

About a week ago, a federal grand jury indicted Louis and Katherine Kealoha on three more charges -- including obstruction of justice" and lying to a federal officer. That's on top of 20 other charges including bank fraud and conspiracy.

The initial investigation started when questions rose over the Kealohas' stolen mailbox, and accusations Katherine Kealoha stole money from a trust account. 

Now, their case heads to trial, which starts on June 18th.