Good Morning Hawaii, on this Wellness Wednesday it’s all about SPRING CLEANING. Mama T is back and is gracing us with her wonderful energy to fill the studio and a delicious/nutritious dish to fill our tummies. Mahalo Mama T…

1. What are we cooking here today?
a. We are cooking kalo poke, a featured dish for our new kalo spring bowls a ‘UMEKE MARKE. It’s a great time for “SPRING CLEANING” and really taking advantage of seasonal fruits. A fresh salad for a fresh new start to feeding the body good.
2. How did you get started with cooking?
a. I grew up in a Christian house hold and everyone had a cooking night. I asked for a cooking night when I was about 7 years old. Just watching the people I grew up with, learning from my friends moms and learning as I go really sparked my passion.
3. So is this dish in your upcoming cook book? What other dishes can we expect?
a. Yes, every month I release a new chapter that falls under my ITAL IS VITAL 365 days a year cook book. Wrapping up the ending of March, my march chapter will feature a lot of similar recipes. I want to provide as much knowledge as I can utilizing the raw fresh ingredients that surround us every day. WE have control over what we put in our bodies and can enjoy all of the benefits together.

Located at Umeke market on the corner of hotel and alakea Monday – Friday. Her next cooking class is April 29th, cook book for the month of March will be out in the next couple weeks. So much coming up and so happy to have you her here spreading a great message and aloha.

IG: @dearmamat