The March for Our Lives movement organized by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, where a gunman killed 17 last month, took place around the globe today. And here in Hawaii, 5000 people joined the march for gun control at the state capitol. 

Protestors poured into the streets marching from the state capitol, past the federal building and to the department of education main office. 
"I am protesting for my life because I shouldn't be afraid to go to school," said high school senior Emerson Weihmiller. 

"I'm here because I felt I had to be because the young people are all here and we have to tell them that some of us have tried," said Mele Welte, a retired teacher. 

After the march the crowds gathered to hear from speakers of all ages, expressing the need for gun reform. 

"I'm asking for common sense gun laws. A ridiculous amount of people agree with common sense gun laws, its not something we should be arguing about," said Weihmiller.