Big news today, Zippy's announced it's expansion onto the mainland. They're opening up their 25th location in to Las Vegas.

"We think our food will be well appreciated, and we're hoping that that little taste of Hawaii will bring them do our door," said Paul Yokota, President of FCH Enterprises-Zippy's, "There's, I believe, a lot of pent up demand, and I am excited to fill that demand."

It's true. On our Facebook post, users begged for the restaurant to open more spots, not just in Vegas.

  • John Emerson: How about putting one in Kona?
  • Jennifer Marie Loli: Come to the bay area please!
  • Margie Jacobsen: Sure wish Montana to be in the near future!
  • Cheryl Stiglmeier: We don't have one on Kauai.

"We're happy that we're wanted on Kauai. When we find the right location, there's a good opportunity and a good chance we'll be there as well," said Yokota.