Waikiki is seeing crowds this weekend for the 24th annual Honolulu Festival.  It’s a celebration of cultures from around the Pacific Rim, brought right here to the islands.

"This year especially we are proud to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first arrivals from Japan to Hawaii the first settlers, the gannen mono." Said a Lenny Yajima, a spokesperson for the Honolulu Festival.

The 24th annual Honolulu Festival began Friday, and features a variety of performances and activities including dance, arts, music, and exhibits.

"The special feature of the festival is the Nisei exhibit, which chronicles the history of the Japanese in Hawaii from a hundred and fifty years ago up till present day." Explained Yajima.

"This event brings together the like-minded individuals who are trying to create something different.
Said local artist Shawn Reed, It's not your everyday store thing where you see 20 different stores carrying the same thing."

Yajima predicted this year's event will bring close to 5,000 visitors.

 "It creates, and fosters volunteerism in the community. So we have over 400 volunteers from high school students here in Hawaii up to college students from Japan." Explained Yajima.

"Since I'm a dancer I wanted to explore more of the dance world while also helping out my community." Said volunteer, Bryanna Lau.

The festival runs from 10 to 6 Saturday and Sunday, and is free of charge to the public.