HONOLULU - Kristopher Kalani, the man accused of brutally beating his girlfriend in Waianae has been charged with second-degree attempted murder.

30-year-old Kalani turned himself into police on Thursday morning, just hours after Honolulu police responded to a 31-year-old woman who reportedly was hit several times in the face with a hammer, police sources say. She was hospitalized in critical condition. 

According to the state Department of Public Safety, Kalani was released from prison in January of last year. 

According to court records, he was arrested for manslaughter back in 2007. But in 2008, he took a plea deal and was convicted on first-degree assault. Kalani served the maximum 10 years in prison for that case. He also was convicted of assaulting a police officer which he was sentenced to five years that he served concurrently.

Criminal justice attorney, Victor Bakke- who is not representing the suspect - weighed in saying assault charges need to reflect the gravity of the crimes committed.

"He plead out to an assault first degree and the problem with that is assault first degree is not the highest criminal offense we have. It is only a Class B felony. It is a probational offense and in my opinion, that has got to change. Hawaii needs a Class A felony assault first-degree," Bakke said. 

Bakke says a Class A felony for first-degree assault cases would be a maximum of 20 years in prison and is not probational.

Meanwhile, those on the front line that handle Hawaii's domestic abuse cases are reminding victims to seek help early.

"We don't know what the circumstances of this particular couple is. Again I would wager a bet that this is not the only act of abuse that was perpetrated by him against her... But the truth and the story will surface," Nanci Kreidman, Chief Executive Officer of Domestic Violence Action Center said.

Kreidman says there are typically red flags or warning signs before a serious act of domestic violence is committed. She adds help is available to those needing it through the local Domestic Violence Action Center.

Kalani remains in custody. His bail is set at $200,000.