WAIKIKI, Hawaii - Honolulu police are looking for two suspects from a Waikiki stabbing. Police say witnesses found the 25-year-old victim around 4 a.m. Thursday and called 911. 

Jessica Lani Rich from the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawaii visited the victim in the hospital. She says he's in the military and was here for a short visit. 

"He was walking back to his hotel room when he was attacked by two men and one of them stabbed him and he fought with the other one," Rich said. "He got badly injured during this incident and he wasn't robbed or anything. He had $3 in cash on him and credit cards and they didn't go for that." 

Mufi Hannemann from the Hawaii Lodging and Tourism Association recently held a conference for visitor public safety, where Rich was a panelist. He says it's important to work with the military to ensure that their members feel safe and welcome in Hawaii. He says the economy here depends on tourism and safety is a priority.

"We've seen a number of incidents that have occurred during the last 12 months and that’s why I took the initiative to call stakeholders to have this conference,” Hannemann said.  “I want to make sure that if you’re frequenting Waikiki or if you’re a visitor, a worker, or resident, you know we're doing everything we can to protect you."

Suggestions made at the conference include making the cut off time for alcohol 2 a.m. instead 4 a.m., and installing surveillance cameras all over Waikiki. 

The stabbing victim was last reported in serious condition. Rich says he is recovering and will be okay.