HONOLULU - Project Hiehie Oahu's first mobile shower for the homeless debuted this week. Hiehie means to beautify and dignify and that's exactly what the people behind the project aim to do for Oahu's homeless.

"Dignity is inherent in everyone and good is inherent in everyone and providing the opportunity to revive what is inherent is very important,” said Annie Valentin, executive director of Project Vision Hawaii.

The mobile shower unit is in a trailer that contains three private bathroom stalls, each complete with a shower and toilet. It uses generators and a water hose. So far around 50 people have tested it out at the  Wahiawa Health Center, Kailua Daybreak Church and the Hale Mauliola Housing Center near Sand Island. The response has been positive.

"Its like a sauna in there it's so lovely,  they give you fresh towels, its lovely,”  said Hale Mauliola resident Kimberly Rhode.

The project took about $400,000 in donations and 2 years to create. In addition to hot showers, they also provides toiletries, clothing and clean towels. The founders hope to bring the mobile showers to various locations six days a week.