HONOLULU - It's a hot debate, should teachers carry guns in schools? Thursday we reposted a story with two separate teacher's opinions on the topic. Your comments poured in!

  • "I personally think, the probability of an active shooter would decrease," said Theron Gandaoli.
  • "It could cause more harm," said Lawrence Armendariz.

The President tweeted:

Trump also tweeted, "[we] Must be offensive, defense alone won't work." President Trump received 80,000 likes on that tweet alone, some of our viewers were in favor of that argument, but not a local school principle.

"It's just an escalation of more weapons, more automatic weapons, more people dying. It's not a solution," said Principle Joan of Arc Suza.

On Facebook, Manuel Helguero-Molina wrote, "Teachers are not police or security guards. No!!"

One comment turned the tables on our law enforcement stating, "Police officers are highly trained and yet mistakes happen. So, ask that question again," wrote Jay Michael Hau'oliloa Arca.

The call for change is not dying down.  Keep sharing your thoughts on our social media pages and be sure to 'like' us.