KAKAAKO, Hawaii - Free flow creativity coats countless walls in Kaka'ako, all part of this year's Pow Wow mural extravaganza. 

Last weekend's festival also gave local businesses with an artsy flair a chance to step in the spotlight.  

Eatery Franky Fresh, who some refer to as the "boombox restaurant on wheels", is known for entertaining customers and serving up shakes and burgers. Business was booming for the local food truck Saturday night. But the boost quickly fizzled.

Owner Darien Provenza says he parked his truck here on Cooke and Auahi Street Saturday night but discovered it was gone Sunday morning.

"I was shocked, I just wanted to find it, didn't really know what to think at the time," Provenza said.

The custom 3D food truck took Provenza six months to build by hand, he's hoping someone saw something. 

"You know I put my blood sweat and tears in it morning and night... Just to find all the materials was the challenge and just to kind of figure out like how to build it and bring the vision to life and make it a reality," Provenza said. 

"People are like that's crazy, you know, it's like no one expects to turn the corner and see a big boombox," Romeo Valentine, 93.9 The Beat DJ said. 

Valentine is one of the truck's featured performers and still can't believe the mobile boombox was taken.

"When people come up to the truck, they just feel the vibe, the experience and just enjoy themselves. It was more than just a milkshake and a burger, he wanted people to have fun," Valentine said.

Provenza posted about the theft on Stolen Stuff Hawaii's Facebook page and says it triggered some leads. 

Several witnesses claim the truck was seen in Kalihi Sunday afternoon. 


Provenza received a tip from someone on social media about seeing the truck in Pearl City. The entire exterior is completely stripped but there was no damage to the interior.

Provenza says the suspect is still on the loose. Honolulu police dusted the truck for fingerprints.

Anyone with information should contact Honolulu police.