KAKAAKO, Hawaii - Nestled inside Kaka'ako's 400 Keawe apartment complex, you'll find a charming fashion boutique filled with brand name threads and all sorts of local apparel. But one of the main attractions is the shop's one of a kind jewelry. 

Owner Sheri Kira is the designer behind the exclusive pieces, her process usually starts with a basic sketch. 

"I go through a lot of material at times just to get it right... It's more like a trial and error process I would say because the idea in my head doesn't always work out and so I just have to keep trying to get to what I want it to be," Sheri said.

After her concept is finalized, off to work she goes. 

For years Sheri made each piece by hand, which is called soldering or melting metals. She says her husband has really perfected the technique these days. 

"He actually is really good at it, he's actually better than me now so he's awesome. He's a really good labor worker," Sheri said with a laugh.

Sheri commends Jayson for encouraging her to launch the business in the first place. What was once a hobby while she worked at a credit union, quickly turned in to a full time gig. 

"Every piece that we make, every piece that I solder or pound out, I feel like it's my 100 percent in each piece... We don't let anything go out the door that we are not happy with," Jayson said.

Their recipe seems to be working. Kira Hawaii just opened its second location in Kaka'ako. Their first store is still up and running in Mililani. 

For them, the customer is always top of mind.

"I'm thinking about the woman who just is confident in her own skin and isn't afraid of adventure. I kind of think of myself that way," Sheri said. 

For Sheri, art has always come naturally. She has taken that love to a whole other level and recently teamed up with a childhood friend to launch a keiki fashion line: her 3 year old daughter Bailee.  

"There's a lot of childrens' clothing that are lacking whimsical characters and color so I wanted to create something really fun... I just wanted to dive into that world as well and experiment," Sheri said. 

From keiki threads to trendy fashion to one of a kind jewelry. That's made in Hawaii.