KALIHI, Hawaii - A small neighborhood in Kalihi-Palama has no one to complain to about road quality.

Resident Felizardo Taripe, living on Rawlins Lane says, "It's crooked, it's rocky,  and dangerous for the kids and the senior citizens.  we have plenty of senior citizens here."

Rawlins Lane is situated just off of North King Street in Kalihi-Palama, and according to a family residing there, it hasn't been paved in more than 80-years.

"It's been an issue forever, not just in my district but statewide and my constituents are at least as frustrated as i am about getting a handle on it because they have to walk down or drive down these lanes everyday," says Senator Karl Rhoads of Kalihi, Palama, Iwilei, and Chinatown.

Taripe says that senior citizens will even stumble around because of the poor quality in pavement. 

State Senator Karl Rhoads says the problem is that no one has claimed ownership of the road, among four other street in the area.

The Senator says the city doesn't want the roads because of the added responsibility, as it's not in the business of dealing with residential lanes.

"Somebody has to step up onto the plate and do something because people's lives are being affected negatively," says senator Rhoads.

 However, residents are running out of options.  The worst roads flood, or haven't been worked on in so long, it makes it difficult to walk or even drive on.   

A bill the Senator is pushing forward at the capitol would allow the State to condemn the lanes and finally pave them.