HONOLULU - After getting waves of attention, floatillas have become the target of a bill at the state capitol.

Rep. Kaniela Ing says the parties need to be kept under control.    

"The whole point of this bill is to put an end to those hazardous floatilla events that are sending young people to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and devastating our reef environments," Ing said. 

The bill would put an end to drinking alcohol while floating, swimming or wading with or without a flotation device up to 1,000 feet from Hawaii's shorelines.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources says it believes the measure could make these situations safer.

"I think it would give us an additional tool to try and help with what's happening, folks going out in these inflatable toys and drinking from the beach, out to that near shore environment so it should help us enforce those rules and help the safety of the public," Robert Farrell, DLNR DOCARE enforcement chief said. 

The DLNR is in support of the bill along with the City's Emergency Management Services, Ocean Safety Services and the Honolulu Police Department.

EMS and Ocean Safety say floatillas present significant challenges to the city.

One of those: re-directing ocean safety assets from the general community.

Those against the ban say prohibition is not the answer.

"I think if you're responsible enough, you should be able to do it," Zach Meyers, a beach goer said. 

Some say the general public shouldn't be penalized for the actions of a few party-goers.

Important to note, this bill would not affect passengers drinking on boats.

Lawmakers passed the measure following its first public hearing Friday.